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Do You Want to Stand Out In the Crowd? 

Penny LemonisThursday, June 11, 2015
1. ADD GLAMOUR.. With Pandora's Temptation- Step in Style and be Mysterious? How you say... this is what you need to do!!!
Crimsone and Fushcia are the colors of Summer! Be Bright, Shine, Show your Presence, Live! Walk the a Moving piece of Fashion Passion! Illuminate the Rooms be seen in a Pandora's Temptation Designer Dress,
Live the moment... Wear the Designer Style of this Season. Lara Design in Fushia- Let the rush of the fabric, the color, the Unique design illuminate you, while your glide across the room, everyone will stare and want to be wearing what you have on! Fushcia the color of Passion, Energy and Mystery. Radiate your Beauty, the flow and feel and above all be Unique!!!!! 2015 The Collection has been released! Buy on Line today!!!!!
Explore your Temptation, do Not hold back- Buy a Pandora's Temptation Designer Dress- Light up your Summer Wardrobe with the living flare of Pandora's Temptation.
2. Add Crimsone Lipstick, put a flower in your hair!
3. Get some high platform pumps in Crimsone or Silver to Radiate your ankles and lovely legs....
Be seen in 2015!!!! Do not hide! Show the world what your made of!!!!!!
Pandora's Temptation is hitting the pavement in America! been seen in her Latest Temptation!
Quote- Pandora Penny Lemonis. Acclaimed Fashion Designer- Australia to the States.... Her Fashion Explosion has Just begun!

Spring -Summer as the weather turns as the colors does Pandora's Temptation. 

Penny LemonisFriday, May 08, 2015
Hot Pink and Fuchsia...Be Bold and light up the room with your presence, look stunning! Captivating! Capture every ones eye as you glide past....


Feel the passion of the Color, illuminate the room let your presence be felt!


Feel the texture of the Fabric, move with my designs and be a living piece of art. Hit the Street, the pavement!!!


Pandora's Temptation is here! The Phenomenon of Style and Sophistication,


Summer is Here... Capture the Style, Walk the Pavement, Make a Statement, Wear this Unique Brand!


Radiate, feel the inner electricity, think to yourself I am wearing this design and I will be Beautiful inside and out!


Be Noticed!! "Wear Pandora's Temptation and see who you become"

Summer Temptation 

Penny LemonisFriday, May 08, 2015
Feel the wind upon your face, Feel the Fabric as it touches your skin, Glisten and Radiate your Inner Beauty when you wear one of my Stunning New Creations, the Fabric moves and has a exquisite flow, my fabrics come from Brussels and they are absolutely gorgeous, you do Not have to iron them, they do not crush, they dry in an hour! Fantastic for Summer holidays to Can Cun, Mexico the Bahamas..If you thinking what to wear for a night out on the town, visit Pandora's Temptation New Website being launched this week!  Or Visit her Stylish Boutique at 120 Morton Drive, Quincy IL.
About Penny Lemonis

Pandora's Temptation has been designed by Acclaimed Australian Fashion Designer Pandora Penny Lemonis.

Experience the Glamour and Sophistication and the Unique flare of Pandora’s Temptation.
I draw daily ideas that flow onto my screen, of movement and beauty, I design to express the Seasons and the Beauty of the Woman of today. You want to be Unique and absolutely can do that in one of my stunning pieces. My pieces are in a great price point, not to expensive, so women can afford the luxury of being beautiful and not spend a fortune. Pandora's Temptation is Unique and forever changing, Feel the fabric, experience the wonder, explore your possibilities of looking more radiant and really..."Just to be beautiful".
Stand out in a crowd! Be noticed! Make a Statement! Pandora's Temptation the phenomenon is hitting america’s wardrobe!
Come explore the Passion of Fabric and movement and Style!!!!!!

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